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In such cases, we can work over the weekend or on bank holidays to achieve this. On some occasions we can work in evenings and nights but this is dependent on manpower, work commitments and availability.

It depends. On such cases, when you require a complete decoration of a property, we can usually accommodate your needs. we recommend you do this as working in an empty house reduces inconvenience; costs and you get to move in to your desired property. However, if you require a large refurbishment, for example, kitchen/bathroom fitting or extensions, this needs a lengthy time for planning and preparation so this needs to be accounted for within your time frame.

It is always useful to be able to keep some tools and materials on location, as this saves time at the beginning and end of the day. The amount stored depends on the size of the work. But we always leave them in an orderly manner.

This will depend on what type of work is being carried out. We do use electric sanders and hoovers for decorating. If you are having refurbishment which involves demolition then there will be occasional disturbance . Having said that we are always mindful of your neighbours and try to keep noise to a minimum.

Not always, it is dependent on the type of work required, but we usually arrange this with the customer when discussing a start date and most people are happy to leave us the key for the duration of the job.

When decorating: It is always best to clear your room or rooms of as much personal effects as possible, or put them in boxes so that we can move them easily. Large items, for example sofas or bookcases, we can store in the middle of the room.
Large decorating or refurbishments: This can be a messy job so our best advise is to pack up and store as much as you can in boxes in a room or garage. For maximum convenience, on some occasions, the customer may wish to vacate for a period of time during the refurbishment.

No there are no hidden costs. When you invite us to view your work, we explain in person how we work. Sometimes an extra cost is unavoidable if a problem arises that has not been accounted for. However, we always discuss this with the customer and give options to a solution, therefore the final bill will never be a surprise.

This will depend on the size of the job. On a small decorating job, it could be 1 to 2 people; on a large decorating job it could be 2 to 4 people. On a refurbishment you need to expect more than a few trades people.

Decoration and maintenance on exteriors are weather dependent, so start thinking about getting quotes in as soon as possible because as soon as the weather improves the exterior work can start. exteriors take place between march and mid October. In some cases they may take several weeks and can be delayed due to our English weather so please bear this in mind.

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If we email you all our requirements and pictures can you provide us a quote, and email it back to us?

We use online payments, cash, or bankers cheque. Unfortunately, we do not currently accept personal cheques.

We try our hardest to fit in with the customer’s needs and time frame. With outside work it is always weather dependent.
We take bookings weekly and can be very busy, so if you have a large project in mind it is always best to get everything planned well before you would like the work carried out. Small jobs can sometimes be fitted in around other jobs.

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In most cases, yes. We do ask the customer to supply some materials, for example, wallpaper, fixtures and fittings like door handles, lights, or anything that requires a customer’s personal choice.

We give a full detailed price on request once work has been viewed. Price range can vary dependent on job size, time scale and materials required.

Yes we are fully insured. we can supply our insurance certificates upon request.